Trio Softening Under Sink Water Filter (5 Micron)

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Aquaphor Trio Norma H Drinking Water Purification System with Separate Tap for Pure Water (Softening)
  •     A separate tap for clean water in your kitchen
  •     Purity of water
  •     Effective filtration in full matrix volume
  •     Gradient filtration
  •     Water softening
  •     Aqualentm, Carbon Block and Silver Ions inside


Trio provides high-quality water treatment and the convenience of a separate faucet for a low initial price and maintenance costs. Located under the sink, Trio takes up little space and is a valuable addition for even the smallest of kitchens.

Trio is very easy to install and any plumber should be able to fit it in your kitchen.

Deep purification
Removes all common impurities including chlorine and lead.

Removes abundant turbidity
First stage polypropylene filter protects other filters from sediment (ex. sand, rust and clay)

  • Polypropylene filter - Removes sediment impurities such as sand and rust. Protects other stages of filtration.
  • B510-04 - Replacement filter for water softening which contains only ion exchange resins. Can be regenerated with table salt.
  • B510-02 - Replacement filter for deep drinking water purification. Removes all common impurities including chlorine, lead, bacteria and solid particles sized down to 5μm.
One set of cartridges is included and should be replaced every 4000 Litres or once a year whichever comes first.


Size: 362 x 135 x 299 mm (LxWxH)
Filter life: 4000 L
Filtration rate: 1,5 L/min


Chlorine: 100%
Petrochemicals: 95%
Phenol: 98%
Pesticides: 97%
Heavy metals: 95%
Lead: 90%

*Fitting is not included.

Aquaphor Trio Norma H User Manual (Google Docs, opens in new window)

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Body Material plastic
Cartridge Life 4000 L
Direct Flow yes
Filter Type under the counter system
Filtration Method Carbon block, ion exchange resins, polypropylene
Filtration Rate 1.5 L/min
Incoming Water Pressure max. 6.3 Bar
Main Colour White
Replacement Cartridges yes
Separate Tap yes
Size 362 x 135 x 299 mm
Porosity 5 Micron
Contaminant Reduction
Chlorine 100%
Heavy Metals 95%
Lead 90%
Pesticides 97%
Petrochemicals 95%
Phenol 98%

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